HUMAN BRAIN is divided into two hemispheres - the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. From the front to the back of the head, there are five clearly defined lobes in both the hemispheres – These are called pre frontal, post frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital lobes. Each one of these lobes controls certain talents in the child. If the child is blessed with a particular talent, the lobe controlling that talent is relatively healthier than the other lobes and vice versa. There are millions of nerves connecting the five lobes of the left hemisphere of the brain to the five fingers of the right hand of the child and vice versa. The health of each lobe of the brain is reflected in the health of the finger prints of the corresponding finger. A clear evidence of this is found in the finger prints of mentally handicapped special children whose finger prints are invariably under developed.


  • The brain can live for 4 to 6 minutes without oxygen, and then it begins to die.
  • The average number of thoughts that humans are believed to experience each day is 70,000.
  • 750 ml of blood pumps through your brain every minute which is 15- 20% of blood flow from the heart.
  • The left side of your brain (left hemisphere) controls the right side of your body; and, the right side of your brain (right hemisphere) controls the left side of your body.
  • It is estimated that the human brain has a raw computational power between 1013 and 1016 operations per second.
  • Each time we blink, our brain kicks in and keeps things illuminated so the whole world doesn’t go dark each time we blink (about 20,000 times a day).

Connection of brain and finger

My Finger & Brain connections

Each and every finger of our hand is controlled by our brain. The fingers of our right hand are controlled by our Left brain while the fingers of our left hand are controlled by our Right Brain. The five different lobes control five different fingers of our hand. The left Brain lobes control Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring and Little finger of our right hand and Right brain lobes controls Thumb, Index, Middle ,Ring and Little finger of our Left hand.


Left Hand Finger

Right hand Finger

Thumb Inspiration of leadership Communication, Management, planning
Index Imagination, Thinking, Creativity Logic Inference, language Ability
Middle Feeling of touch, Artist Physical recognition
Ring Acoustic feeling, Music Appriciation Hearing recognition
Little Visual feeling Visual Recognition

Basic patterns of fingerprint

The following patterns that appear on our fingerprints generally explain one’s personality, each pattern on each different finger may be explained differently with different analysis.


Form: hill-shaped, curved top, no triangle was formed in with the shape.
Characteristics: hard working, introverted, cautious, works without complaint, likes to follow the steps, down to earth, do not like taking risks.

Form: like a camping tent with a sharp tip top.
Characteristics: with extreme personalities, can be outgoing and welcoming one day and shy the other; it all depends on how nurture and development during childhood. Not afraid of challenges and obstacles, but may sometimes be impulsive. Creative.


UlnarLoop Patterns
Form: like a waterfall flowing towards the little finger with triangular points.
Characteristics: gentle, observant, passive, loves schedules, likes to go with the flow, little self- motivation.

Radial Loop Patterns
Form: The opposite of ulnar loop, the “waterfall” flows toward the thumb.
Characteristics: thinks independently and cleverly, like to question and criticize, self-centered, loves to go against the majority.


Concentric Whorl Patterns
Form: Lines starting from the centre of the small circle, the lines on fingertip appear to be a complete circle and spread out like concentric circles. With two triangular points.
Characteristics:Self-centered, likes competition, likes to set objectives, rigorous, subjective, doesn’t like to be controlled.

Spiral Whorl Patterns
Form: A spiral pattern starting from the centre and move outward, has two triangular points.
Characteristics: Self-motivated; Parents should encourage accordingly.

Peacock’s Eye Patterns
Form: From the centre it looks like a peacock’s eyes and lips; the centre consists of more than one circle or spiral, the end of each ring is connected in a straight line. It has two triangular points; one further and the other closer to the centre.
Characteristics: Expressive, highly perceptive, with leadership qualities, artistic