“Talent and Inborn Potential Analysis “of BrainVMap;Life’s Goal has been launched across Pan India and across Globe. This program is an initiative of Berylls Pharma Pvt Ltd, which is working on the research and development of the novel product development for Human Welfare.

BrainVMap is looking for the following:

1. State Franchisee
2. Area Franchisee
3. Unit Franchisee

The details of Franchisee are as follows:

1. FPC Kit Content; Finger Print Scanner and FPC Software,
2. Login Access to upload finger print, download report and manage your franchisee.
3. Visual Aid depicting about program details, advantage and benefit to show to customer.
4. Trainers Training for Two days.

a. Pre-counselling Presentation learning
b. Finger print capturing and problem solving, uploading to BVM Server.
c. Report Explanation
d. Counselling
e. Videos and Presentation
f. Franchisee Certificate

5. Franchisee Fee :Click here

Benefit of DMIT

  • Understand your child’s natural characteristics.
  • Identify best learning style for them.
  • Identify their innate talents and weaknesses.
  • Subject and educational stream selection for basis of good future.
  • Reduce time, money, effort wasted over irrelevant course & classes
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