• “ The family based approach of BrainVMap has helped all of us to understand each other strength and week area, personalities as well as inborn potential and way forward to use in day to day life. This has helped us to make our kid to explore his hidden talent and also our interaction with him. Best of luck to BrainVMap. ” Dr Monica, Sanjay Bansal & Vishesh Bansal, Ahmadabad
  • “ I am thankful to BrainVMAP DMIT analysis book, which has provided deep insight into my strength, potential and most important part, a solution to improve my intelligences and learning by using right thinking style. My whole world has changed to 360-degree. ” Atul C-Student AMITY, NOIDA
  • “ When I heard about the BrainVMap from a friend of mine, I hesitated initially and finally decided to contact BrainVMap team. I have done this analysis for my whole family and It has provided the solutions about my personality, interactions with wife, kids and viceversa. My grownpup kids has understand their potential, strong and weak area from this analysis. The interesting part is now they are very clear, what they should choose for main stream carrier and selction of hobbies, which is very difficult…// Thanks BrainVMap for such an insightful look into our life. ” Romesh Chaturvedi- Asst Prof, Lucknow
  • “ BrainVMap has discovered my innate strength, weakness and helped me to focus on the right style of teaching and help, guide students in much better way to achieve more meaningful life objective”. I recommend all the teacher must go through this analysis, and feel the change in yourself. It is never too late to unlearn the past and build for future. ” Virendra Kumar and family, Teacher, Meerut.
  • “ Association with BrainVMap has opened a new way to help those who are really in need of guidance to explore their inner strength/mental capabilities to acheive their goals in life. BrainVMap's unique BvMIA program will help the society grow in the right direction by grooming the human resource with appropriate profession in their life. ” Dr R.K. Kishor, Director, Lifescience, Manipur.
  • “ BrainVMap has provided the valuable information and guidance for the upbringing of our children. The BvMIA analysis, we carried out with BrainVMap has highlighted various aspect of learning and thinking style with personalized solution. This is one of the unque program, we came accross from facebook and recomnd that one should do it for thier kids/family. " Vinita Singh CA, Meerut.
  • “ I was initially hesitant about the out come of the program, but my friend inssited me to get it done, and believe me, it correctly provided the information as well as the solutions for my problems. All the best BrainVMap and In my view, you should approach as many people you can, so that their life outlook will also be changed as it did for me” Aakash Singh, Graduate Student, Bangalore.
  • “ BrainVMap has conducted my analysis and I found that brainVMap counsleors are very expert in their domain and helped me to understand my innate strength and weakness. Also provided me five step program to improve my personality 360o. I wish all the best to team BrainVmap. ” Amit Kumar, General Manager, NOIDA.
  • “ BrainVMap Analysis is beneficial for everyone since it provides insight about one’s personality and guides people about their strengths, weaknesses and identifies precise areas for improvement. I was further benefited from the great counselling of BrainVMap. ” G. Sathish, Associate Prof, College, Bangalore.

Benefit of DMIT

  • Understand your child’s natural characteristics.
  • Identify best learning style for them.
  • Identify their innate talents and weaknesses.
  • Subject and educational stream selection for basis of good future.
  • Reduce time, money, effort wasted over irrelevant course & classes
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